Q: Where are you located?
A: I am located in Effingham, Illinois.

Q: What are your business hours?
A: My normal business hours are Tuesday through Saturday 8:00 AM through 7:00 PM

Q: Where can I see your pricing information?
A: I offer such a wide array of sessions that it's hard to write them all out. I prefer you to tell me what you would like, and I send you a custom quote. 
I do have some sample and base pricing on my Pricing and Policies page.  

Q: How can I schedule a session with you?
A: You can message me on my Facebook page, send me an e-mail to enchantedphototales@gmail.com, or text/call me at (217) 240-4171. 
Please be aware that I also am a stay at home mom with two small children, so I may not be able to answer your questions immediately.  I apologize for any inconvenience, but I promise I value your time and get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your understanding!

Q: What are "enchanted photos"? Can I schedule one of these sessions?
A: I get this question, A LOT! Here is the thing, the fantasy/whimsical/enchanted sessions I do are all at YOUR request! You can look at my whimsical galleries to take a look at what I have done in the past and let me know what you would like to schedule. Think about whom you want in the photos, what type of look you want for your photos, costumes, themes, everything! When we chat to schedule your session, let me know the answer to all of these questions and we will create a magical experience for you and your family!

​Q: When will my favorite session go on sale?
A: I frequently post new specials on my Facebook page, please feel free to message me there to request a new special. I go off of what is most requested to add to my specials. 

Q: Do you do fantasy sessions for adults or teenagers? 
A: OF COURSE!! I love to work with everyone to create something new and exciting! Message me and we can create something wonderful together!

Q: What kinds of sessions does Enchanted Photo Tales offer?
A: I currently offer:
 - Whimsical Portrait Sessions
 - Seniors, Tweens and children's Portraits
 - Sports, Dance & Cheer Sessions
If you don't see what you are looking for here, just ask!

Q: Do you offer wedding photography services?
A: Beginning in February 2020, I am accepting wedding photography requests. Please visit www.mettephotography.com to set up your consultation. 

Q: What is Marissa Mette Photography?
This is my business specializing with the following sessions:
 - Family Portrait & Lifestyle Sessions
 - Newborn Fresh 48 & Lifestyle Sessions
 - Birth Photography, in home or at the hospital
 - Maternity Portrait & Lifestyle Session
Please visit me at www.mettephotography.com to get more information. 

Q: Do you offer Newborn in studio with family sessions?
A: Although I will do these sessions on request, I highly recommend going to Alicia Schuette for these services, as this is her specialty and she is certified in safe newborn practices. Alicia has been training for over TEN years and has many awards for her work!

Q: Do you offer boudoir services?
A: I will take these portraits for you, although I do not specialize in these sessions.
I recommend going to Amy Eubanks Photography for these sessions. 
I will be offering Pinup sessions in 2020 though! Keep your eye out for those session announcements!

Q: Do your sessions include hair or makeup services?
A: At this time, only some sessions include hair services through Lindsey's Country Cuts.
I highly recommend Katie Martin for your makeup needs. You can contact her at Plot Twist Salon & Spa

Q: Who is the stylist that will be doing my hair?
A; I exclusively work with Lindsey Althoff of Lindsey's Country Cuts.
Please visit her Facebook page for her information. I highly recommend her services!

Q: Do you provide all the costumes for your sessions?
A: I do provide costumes for most sessions, and have a large stock. I do have the ability to create custom tutu dresses for fairy and princess themes. Otherwise, I can rent or purchase one for you. This may incur additional costs for your session. 

Q: Do you sell or rent your costumes out?
A: At this time I do not rent my costumes out, but as they get worn down I may sell them on my Facebook page at a discounted rate. 

Q: Can you make me a tutu dress?
A: Ask me! At certain times of the year, I have time to do this for you! Creating these dresses is fun for me and gives me another outlet for creativity. 

Q: What is your current editing time?
A: This time varies throughout the year. The typical time is 2-6 weeks for painted portraits and 1-2 weeks for regular portraits. 
I am a stay at home mom to two babies under the age of five, so I work on editing during my evenings and weekends only. 

Q: Do you teach classes on photography or Photoshop?
A: At this time I do not, I would be more than happy to answer simple questions or point you to where you need to go for your answers. 

Q: Can you edit a photo for me?
A: I would consider editing a professional photo with the consent of the photographer in writing. If you are a photographer and are looking for editing services, I would be more than happy to help you out!
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